Take Me Home

Take Me Home

Great book for kids between the age of 6-11. Easy enough for the young ones to read almost by themselves yet adventurous enough for the big kids to enjoy. 


I Fell Off The Wagon!


despair (Photo credit: alandberning)

I’d been doing so well in my NanoWriMo word count. Two weeks I was going strong. Typing til my fingers hurt every night. Chapter after chapter I was a novel queen!

Then the unthinkable happened. I got lazy. One night I didn’t type. I thought ‘It’s just one night. No biggie.’

Then another night. ‘Well, I needed a break. I’ve been pushing myself too hard.’

Then, before I knew it, I wasn’t writing at all.

Today I forced myself to type something. I did pretty well, getting around 2500 words down. Valiant effort on my part. Then when I logged into NanoWriMo to upload my word count I was hit with a wall of red squares on my calendar. Five days straight with no progress. So horrible.

Now we’re in week 3 and I’m only at 36K words. One week to go and I’ve got at least 14K words to ‘finish’. Looks like I’m having a Staycation this weekend. Locking myself in my room with only bread and water.

Who am I kidding? Coffee and Reese’s! Yay writing!




My Adoring Fans


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I’m now somewhat official. Check me out on Facebook! and see what all the buzz is about!

I’m working on a short story compilation as well as a Crafts for Kids bundle.

Fans will also get exclusive freeviews of upcoming masterpieces as they’re available. Keep an eye out for Epoch Earth which should be released in the next couple months.