Teacher Charged in Toilet Incident

I’m sure by now we’re all hearing about the teacher in a Broward County FL school who’s suspended and in trouble with the law for making a boy clean a urinal. The boy, in this case, is the one who purposely clogged the urinal with paper towels. The teacher made him clean up his own mess. And now the whole world is up in arms. I’m disgusted at the judicial system for even considering bringing charges against this teacher! 

I personally think it’s a shame that a teacher’s reputation is ruined because she made an unruly kid clean up after himself and be held accountable. Now this teacher is fired and facing criminal charges. Every new outlet is treating the boy in this case like a victim. He should have been in class learning instead of causing trouble. I’m sure this boy’s been a jackass all year and she finally had enough. 

Where is the home training? Where is the ‘you’ll get it worse when you get home’ mentality for this kid? And what kind of adult are we teaching him to be when he can clearly get away with being an ass and get a teacher fired for it? These are the kids who will be leading our country when we’re old and vulnerable. 


If you want to read the whole story, after my rant, here.  http://miamiherald.typepad.com/deadline-miami/2014/02/broward-teacher-charged-with-making-student-unclog-urinal.html 



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