I Fell Off The Wagon!


despair (Photo credit: alandberning)

I’d been doing so well in my NanoWriMo word count. Two weeks I was going strong. Typing til my fingers hurt every night. Chapter after chapter I was a novel queen!

Then the unthinkable happened. I got lazy. One night I didn’t type. I thought ‘It’s just one night. No biggie.’

Then another night. ‘Well, I needed a break. I’ve been pushing myself too hard.’

Then, before I knew it, I wasn’t writing at all.

Today I forced myself to type something. I did pretty well, getting around 2500 words down. Valiant effort on my part. Then when I logged into NanoWriMo to upload my word count I was hit with a wall of red squares on my calendar. Five days straight with no progress. So horrible.

Now we’re in week 3 and I’m only at 36K words. One week to go and I’ve got at least 14K words to ‘finish’. Looks like I’m having a Staycation this weekend. Locking myself in my room with only bread and water.

Who am I kidding? Coffee and Reese’s! Yay writing!




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