Writing Software or No Writing Software? That is the Question. I Have the Answer


Software (Photo credit: yum9me)

What I’m about to tell you may sound like a commercial. But I promise I’m not being paid or coerced by this company. I’m just a writer who discovered something wonderful and wants to share it.

I’ve been writing for many (too many) years. It feels like I’ve done it all, seen it all, and perfected it all. Then I stumbled across a (or had sent to me) an email from Writer’s Digest, which I subscribe to. Personally, I let most of them go to my junk email at this point, because I feel ‘sold to’ more than ‘advised’. But I digress.

This time, I happened to read the subject and it had to do with writing software. I swear a light clicked on in my head. I had never, not once, thought of using packaged software to write my books. My first thought was “I don’t need writing software. Not I.” My second thought was “Wouldn’t I feel like I cheated if I used software?” But regardless, my interest was piqued. What if this software could help me organize?


Organization is my favorite thing to do in the entire world. I spend tons of time organizing and making plans and detailing every possible avenue. Then I abandon all of that and start typing like a madwoman, assuming that I’ll just remember what I wanted to say when I get to it. For the most part, reckless approach has worked just fine over the years (too many years).

I have my own system. I have spreadsheet upon spreadsheet of characters, plotlines, ideas, and research. I have a link bank that I use specifically for researching different ideas. I have a bookmark folder on my browser titled ‘Book Bank’. I go all out and my system works darn it! But still, the idea of one program doing all that for me, in one place… let me have it!


I clicked on the link and browsed through their software options, ranging from $10 to $300! That was scary! I’m not about to drop $300 on something to help me write my books that I’m already writing just fine on my own. So then I went to my trusty Google box and checked out other writing software, specifically ‘free writing software’ because I’m cheap.


I found this wonderful program called WriteWay Pro. My favorite part of the whole thing is the free 30 day trial.  So I looked inside. I was amazed. How had I gone this long without this software? It catalogs everything from plot lines, to characters (with pictures!), to future projects. There’s a scratch pad for ideas that you aren’t sure about. There’s even a template book already set up with everything you need as a full blown professional author.

Still I wasn’t fully convinced. To be honest, the graphic on the front page looks a bit cheesy and dated. I pushed that thought aside and clicked on the tutorials and screenshots. Everything looked like just what I’d never known I needed. It was clean, professional, and organized! I’m a skeptic of testimonials, never knowing if these are real people, but I clicked anyway. I skimmed all the reviews, looking for a real name or something I could research on my own. Then I found it. The 2011 Nanowrimo winner! That was the moment I knew I’d found something I had to have.


I promptly downloaded the trial and plugged my most recent book into the program. My second favorite feature, after the free trial, is the character development. You have to fill out a bio of each character, which allows you to delve deeper into everyone’s contribution to the story. Why is he so mad at my MC? Does she know he likes her? What’s that third string character’s one weakness? It’s great! They’re alive now!

If you’ve read this far and haven’t downloaded the software, then shame on you. I’m going to stop typing right now until you do. Go. Do it! Now!




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