Why I Didn’t Get Any Writing Done Yesterday

This post will be a cautionary tale in procrastination. You’ll find great excuses, way more evolved than ‘the dog ate my homework’. You’ll also find some great NEW reasons to not get any of your own work done. I mean, you’re here reading this instead of working, so you’re already in the danger zone. Proceed with caution.

Cracked (magazine)

Cracked (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I love this website so much! I can’t stop myself from going there every morning to see what new content they put up. The most fascinating thing about it is that it’s fact based. I can rationalize my procrastinating behavior by telling myself that I’m only clicking to learn something. Just yesterday I learned about horrible things people did with dead bodies, right alongside the 5th edition of the world’s creepiest places.  Happy Halloween everybody!

The thing I loved most about Cracked is the writing. They’re smart, funny, and not afraid to ‘go there’ in their writing. They write directly to their target audience, while sneaking a wealth of knowledge in their articles. Over the past couple years of visiting with them, I’ve watched their team of writers become successful in their own rights. Some have written books that are now movies. Others have gone on to produce regular television shows. So, they’re obviously a talented bunch.


This is also a favorite time waster of mine. The content isn’t as ‘high-brow’ as Cracked. It’s drivel. But that’s why I love it. This is basically a linkstorm type website. They compile every current event story you could imagine, from a number of other sites, and post them in one easy place. It’s great!

By the time I see something on a regular news site or mainstream gossip show, I’ve already gotten the scoop on Zergnet! Just beware. Once you start clicking on articles, you can find yourself – three hours laters – in some strange places. It’s like Youtube for reading!


If you’re half of the 2 people left on Earth who don’t know about Epic Fail then please do yourself a favor. Stop whatever you’re doing – even if it IS reading my article – and click that link! There’s not much I can say about EpicFail besides “Hilarious” and “OMG”! I caught my kids watching stupid videos on this site a year ago and now I’m as hooked as they are!


Finally we’re going to lump some of my guiltiest of pleasures in one category because they’re all by the same site. DYAC – D**m You Autocorrect – is a brilliant collection of Third World Problems and Parenting Disasters. There are multiple tabs and sister sites that will keep you clicking for days. My first time visiting the site I tried to click through every possible thread. I don’t actually thing it’s possible.

One thing I know for sure though, I feel a lot better about myself now that I found DYAC and their sister sites ParentFails and ParentsShouldn’tText! Please do yourself a favor and check them out.


I’m sure if you visit any of these sites you’ll hate me today. Loathe. Because you’ll get absolutely nothing else accomplished today. I promise, I’ve given you weeks of new entertainment, that’s updated constantly! So you’ll have to go back.

But, when you’re finished hating me and you’re ready to make up, you’ll thank me later.


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