A New Beginning

Well this is the first of hopefully many blog posts. After all the years of struggling to make ends meet and barely getting by, I’m finally in a position to work toward my goals in life.

With my first real writing contract comes my first real blog and my first real heart attack. I think I’m going to stress myself out before my first royalty check comes in. But it will be soooooo worth it!

Since I’m just starting this blog I’m going to use this opportunity to upload some of my previous work. Purge my soul if you will. So you as my possible followers will have the unique opportunity to say you knew me when. Back when all I had on my site were sappy poems I wrote as a kid 🙂

But you’ll also get the chance to witness for yourself my meteoric rise to stardom. So buckle up! I’m sure it’ll be a bumpy ride for both of us!

Also, as I take this journey toward publishing my first book(s) I’ll continue to update you on the process. Hopefully you can learn from my imminent mistakes and have a smoother ride for yourself.


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